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Cannon Fire Media

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

Cannon Fire Media is a small public relations firm serving a variety of businesses in the Lower Mainland. It is spearheaded by veteran journalist Evan Kelly. Evan spent the last seven years as an Editor with News1130 Radio in Vancouver. His experience is backed up by a Diploma in Broadcast Journalism and a Certificate in Public Relations and Corporate Communications.

Evan has made the transition into public relations bringing with him excellent writing and pr skills and the knowledge of what news rooms will go after. As a former Editor, Evan made decisions every day about what stories make the cut and what ones do not. Let Cannon Fire find the angles that will make news rooms want to cover your story.

Cannon Fire, like the name suggests is about getting your message through the clutter and noise that is clogging our airwaves and Internet daily. They will fire your message above it all to make sure it is heard. Not just heard, but on target as well.

They offer is an affordable yet driven option for frontline media contact when you need to raise the profile of your business or event. They are also a proactive issues management consultancy when you aren’t sure about what to do or say if a problem should arise. Whether you want a little local coverage or to have your message fired across the country, Cannon Fire can make it happen through their extensive database.

Cannon Fire deals with several start-up companies who don’t necessarily have a huge budget to get their message out. Cannon Fire will work with you to make sure your communications goals are met.  Initial consult is free.

Evan Kelly, Cannon Fire Media 604-505-2307

Steveston Waterfront Development

Friday, February 17th, 2012
Public open house on Thursday, February 23, 2012 from 5:30pm – 8:30pm.  Brief presentation starts at 6pm.  Also on Saturday, February 25, 2012 from 12:30pm – 2:30pm. Brief presentation starts at 1pm.  Location: Lord Byng Elementary School gym, 3711 Georgia Street, Richmond, BC.

Steveston waterfront development:  construction of the last development parcel at Imperial Landing is proceeding, which consists of six low-rise buildings with a mixture of residential and commercial uses.  The existing zoning restricts commercial uses to those that support the maritime economy, which include industrial and manufacturing uses.  Onni is contemplating submitting an application to add permitted uses to the existing zoning which allow for commerical/retail uses that will better serve the community’s needs.

Onni wants your feedback on what types of commercial/retail uses you feel are appropriate for the community.  Onni rep and a third party facilitator will be on-hand to answer any questions regarding the proposal and to gather community feedback.

Contact Brendan Yee with any questions or concerns regarding the open house
at or 604-602-7711

Tapenade Bisto

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Tapenade Bistro celebrated its ninth anniversary in January, a milestone indeed in the ever changing world of restaurants. Tapenade Bistro has achieved what so many restaurants strive to be recognized for; their award-winning food, excellent wines and outstanding service.

In the early days, owner Vince Morlet had a vision that his restaurant would be an urban style bistro. Over time he realized that honouring what they do best is key, to be a neighbourhood bistro in the heart of Steveston village featuring French and Mediterranean inspired West Coast fare.  Their “simple, yet elegant” cuisine showcases the natural beauty of local, sustainable and seasonal ingredients in an appropriate and sumptuous manner. Morlet’s charm and warmth is inextricably linked to the ambience of Tapenade Bistro as he circulates the restaurant floor to welcome his customers.

Morlet was born in Los Angeles. His parents, originally from France, moved their family to Steveston when Morlet was fourteen-years-old.  After graduating from Steveston High, he began his career in the food industry as a waiter in a Richmond restaurant, and subsequently worked his way into hotel and restaurant management in Vancouver, Brazil and France. In that time he also earned a degree in Political Science and a Diploma in Hospitality.  He changed career paths briefly when he went into recruiting and head hunting, but returned in 2002 as a restaurateur and Tapenade Bistro was born.

Morlet’s paternal grandfather ran a café/delicatessen in Paris’s 20th arrondissement. Although Morlet never met his grandfather, he grew up seeing the enchanting black and white photographs of his grandfather’s Parisian establishment.

From day one the following perennial favourites have appeared on Tapenade Bistro’s menu: Bouillabaisse (which is ever evolving, subject to availability of seafood) and Black Olive Tapenade (which is absolutely delicious).  Other popular items which appear year round include Beef Short Rib, Beet Salad and Linguine Boscaiola.  Keeping the menu both seasonal and local is of utmost importance; therefore you will see a large portion of the menu change according to availability.

Recently appointed as Head Chef, Justin Cheung, will introduce his first menu in April.  As part of their commitment to sustainability, Tapenade Bistro supports local suppliers, and local farms including Terra Nova Farm.  They also take part in Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise sustainable seafood program which works directly with restaurants, markets, food services and suppliers to assist them in making ocean-friendly buying decisions.

Each winter Tapenade Bistro partners with local wineries to present their Winemakers Dinner Series. These special evenings pair six wines with six courses, and shine the spotlight on reputed B.C. winemakers who are present to discuss their wines. Next up is Poplar Grove on April 4th and La Frenz on April 25th, both from the Naramata Bench.  These dinners always sell out, so be sure to book quickly.

Tapenade Bistro has many long term staff that Morlet refers to as the “Tapenade family”.   Like so many business owners, Morlet spends many long days behind the scenes as he takes care of administrative work, meeting with vendors, promoting and marketing the restaurant, and he is on the restaurant floor during dining hours.

Morlet and his wife Juliana, who is a business analyst, have two sons, ages two and seven.  On his time off, Morlet enjoys checking out Vancouver’s restaurant scene.  Having spent 27 years of his life in Steveston he feels akin to the fishing village and believes the greatest things about Steveston are its size, the people, and the village’s unique position in the Lower Mainland.

As Vice-President of the Steveston Merchants Association’s Board of Directors, and one of its founding members, he is an active community liaison.  Morlet is also on the Executive Committee of Tourism Richmond’s Board of Directors. Tapenade Bistro is a supporter of YVR’s Golf for Kids annual fundraiser which assists children’s charities including Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.

As snowflakes are gently falling outside my window, I can think of no finer place to be than in a warm Mediterranean environment eating a bowl of Bouillabaisse.   Tapenade Bistro is yet another reason to not have to leave Steveston; it’s all here, well maybe not the Mediterranean heat, quite yet!

3711 Bayview Street


written by Sarah Gordon,  photos by Sandra Steier

Steveston Tattoo Company

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Steveston Tattoo Company promises the brightest colours for their works of art. The shop itself is a vibrant and eclectic masterpiece with its warm mustard coloured walls, dark gray wainscoting, an ornate chandelier, a mounted deer head wearing a crown, Balinese masks, antique cabinetry, not to mention an array of wall art. It is easy to imagine shrinking the richness and warmth of the décor down to the size of a tattoo.

Steveston Tattoo Company is the new kid in town; having opened for business in December.  Owner, Ryan Halter, aka “Mr. Halter”, and his right-hand man, Jesse Strong, met four years ago when Halter tattooed Strong. They are pleased by the warm reception they have received as people stroll into the shop and welcome them to the village.  Halter was aware that Steveston was lacking a tattoo shop, and decided to establish his business in this safe and friendly community.  He notes that the lack of security bars on Steveston business windows is a refreshing change.

Halter, who is originally from Kindersley, Saskatchewan, has lived in B.C. for nine years. He has always had a love of art and drawing. Prior to being a tattoo artist he was involved in construction and painting. In 1997 he apprenticed at a tattoo shop in Lethbridge, Alberta.  Before opening Steveston Tattoo Company, he worked at Dutchman Tattoos in Burnaby for eight years and tips his hat to mentor, John “the Dutchman”, a well respected tattoo artist. 

 Strong has been a tattoo enthusiast for as long as he can remember. On his twentieth birthday he began an apprenticeship which he finished with Vinnie Ruocco at New World Tattoo in Surrey, an opportunity for which he is grateful.

 Getting your first tattoo is a big deal. There are many decisions involved including selecting the artwork, where you will position it, and of course, the long term commitment to place “permanent jewellery” on your skin.  Celebrities have made getting inked extremely fashionable, and have helped take away the stigma of tattoos.  Although the possibility of removal exists, (remember Angelina Jolie’s long gone “Billy Bob”?), Steveston Tattoo Company recommends researching your tattoo artwork well, and staying open minded when you choose to proceed.  Halter and Strong take great pride in their artistry.  They will work with you and take into consideration the magnitude of the image, and consider the longevity of the tattoo choice.

 In the City of Richmond you must be age eighteen to get a tattoo, and Steveston Tattoo Company will not tattoo anyone younger.  Although we shared a joke about the stereotypical drunken sailor who staggers into the tattoo shop, Steveston Tattoo Company will not tattoo anyone under the influence. The shop is as clean as a whistle. They use disposable gloves, single use needles, and the use of autoclave equipment for sterilization. They follow all of the hygienic procedures required by Coastal Health to run a professional and reputable shop.  

 Halter and Strong are a very warm and entertaining team, and their goal is to make you feel comfortable, whether it is your first, or one of many tattoos. Their diverse clientele ranges from long term customers who are building their collection, who Halter describes as an interesting and fun crowd, to housewives and lawyers. They have tattooed all walks of life; to date their oldest client was a 72-year-old grandmother.

 Halter is known by friends as a family man, and is a devoted father and husband. He has three children, ages one, ten and sixteen. He and his family hope to move to the Steveston area soon as the commute from his home is proving to be time consuming.  His family enjoys visiting the village and the proximity of the water appeals to him. Both Halter and Strong like the feel of small town Steveston, which is what attracts so many of us here.  

Philanthropy is extremely important to Steveston Tattoo Company. In December they donated $20 from every tattoo towards Vancouver’s Covenant House.  This year they intend to continue giving back to the community.

 Welcome to the village, Steveston Tattoo Company, and thank you for injecting some extra colour into our lives!

110-12020 1st Avenue


written by Sarah Gordon, photos by Sandra Steier