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New Mural Installed in Fisherman’s Park Steveston

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

Steveston artOver the past year a group of non-profit organizations in Steveston have come together to produce a fishing mural on the building in Fisherman’s Park. The inspiration for the project came from the Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society and the Steveston Historical Society as an effort to beautify the western end of Steveston and highlight the village’s fishing history.

Rebecca Clarke, Executive Director for the Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society says, “We are excited to have a significant piece of public art installed at the west end of the village. With new commercial buildings at the corner of Bayview and 3rd Ave, I think we’ll see a significant increase in pedestrian traffic and it’s good to show we are more than an industrial area.”

Working with the Steveston Harbour Authority who owns the building and park, these two heritage groups formed a committee with representatives from each of the three non-profits as well as the Richmond Arts Coalition. The committee created a plan for depicting Steveston’s fishing past on three sides of the building.

With support from the City of Richmond, the Steveston Harbour Authority, the Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society and Benjamin Moore paints, the group hired experienced mural artist Victoria Oginski to begin the work for the south facing wall of the building. Basing her work on images from the Gulf of Georgia Cannery’s collection and photographer Joel Baziuk, Victoria has beautifully captured the essence of today’s fishing industry in Steveston.

According to Sarah Glen, Director on the Steveston Historical Society board, “The Historical Society is excited to share Steveston’s history with the public in a new way. We plan to include the mural in future walking tours of the village to help visitors understand the importance of fishing in our history.”

The group is currently seeking funding to add mural panels on the remaining two sides of the building. These panels will complete the history of fishing in Steveston, from First Nations village to thriving fishing harbour.

Public are invited to the official unveiling of the mural on Sunday, December 6 at noon in Fisherman’s Park at the west end of Moncton Street in Steveston.
For more information:

Rebecca Clarke, Executive Director Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society
12138 Fourth Ave
Richmond, BC V7E 3J1
t: 604.664.9192

Cannon Fire Media

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

Cannon Fire Media is a small public relations firm serving a variety of businesses in the Lower Mainland. It is spearheaded by veteran journalist Evan Kelly. Evan spent the last seven years as an Editor with News1130 Radio in Vancouver. His experience is backed up by a Diploma in Broadcast Journalism and a Certificate in Public Relations and Corporate Communications.

Evan has made the transition into public relations bringing with him excellent writing and pr skills and the knowledge of what news rooms will go after. As a former Editor, Evan made decisions every day about what stories make the cut and what ones do not. Let Cannon Fire find the angles that will make news rooms want to cover your story.

Cannon Fire, like the name suggests is about getting your message through the clutter and noise that is clogging our airwaves and Internet daily. They will fire your message above it all to make sure it is heard. Not just heard, but on target as well.

They offer is an affordable yet driven option for frontline media contact when you need to raise the profile of your business or event. They are also a proactive issues management consultancy when you aren’t sure about what to do or say if a problem should arise. Whether you want a little local coverage or to have your message fired across the country, Cannon Fire can make it happen through their extensive database.

Cannon Fire deals with several start-up companies who don’t necessarily have a huge budget to get their message out. Cannon Fire will work with you to make sure your communications goals are met.  Initial consult is free.

Evan Kelly, Cannon Fire Media 604-505-2307